CalArts School of Theater presents 'Oedipus the King'

CalArts School of Theater presents 'Oedipus the King'

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CalArts Campus

MOD Theater

Friday, Feb. 21, 8 pm
Saturday, Feb. 22, 2 pm
Saturday, Feb. 22, 8 pm
Tuesday, Feb. 25, 8 pm
Wednesday, Feb. 26, 8 pm
Thursday, Feb. 27, 8 pm
Friday, Feb. 28, 8 pm
Saturday, Feb. 29, 8 pm

Translated by Stephen Berg and Diskin Clay
Directed by Jesse Bonnell

Wave after wave, the city of Thebes is stricken by plague, pestilence, and death: a punishment set upon them for a shame that is not their own. Told through a stark lens of haunting movement and dissonant song, Oedipus the King unveils Apollo’s darkest divination of a man seeking an unholy truth to save his people from rot and ruin.