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'Radical Self-Love'

Radical Self-Love is an evening-length work written and designed by Joy Guidry, drawing inspiration from the work of Sonya Renee Taylor, who has defined radical self-love as “its own entity, a lush and verdant island offering safe harbor for self-esteem and self-confidence.” As Guidry states, “much of my music-making right now is keenly focused on a radical reimagining of spaces, sonic, and communal. At the center of imagination is radical self-care: creating a world for yourself that allows the expansion of other worlds.” 

While these music offerings represent a range of musical idioms and methodologies–from improvisation and graphic scores to multimedia and gospel–the uniting principle for Guidry is a focus on the importance of affirmation, validation, and self-care. 

Radical Self-Love at REDCAT will feature an opening performance of new works by Yatta Zoker (YATTA), an artist, musician, performer, and educator who has shared the stage with musicians such as Cardi B and The Sun Ra Arkestra.


Please note: Radical Self-Love contains partial nudity, loud sounds, strobe lights and discussions of mental illness, rape and ableism, as well as graphic language about suicide.

"The interdisciplinary artist pulls together spoken-word pieces with quivering electronic soundscapes, freeform woodwind blasts, and rich rhythmic spirals."
Allison Hussey, Pitchfork