Gob Squad: Creation (Pictures For Dorian)

Gob Squad: Creation (Pictures For Dorian)

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Thursday, Oct. 18, 8:30 pm
Friday, Oct. 19, 8:30 pm
Saturday, Oct. 20, 8:30 pm
Sunday, Oct. 21, 7 pm

The ingenious and charming British-German art collective Gob Squad shrewdly mixes performance and impromptu video to elevate the banality of everyday life into soaring artistic experiences. Every night is different when they draw inspiration from six local citizens who perform with them in a uniquely Los Angeles version of their latest acclaimed production. Gob Squad members have spent the last 25 years onstage, growing old together. Now well and truly middle-aged, they are inviting a diverse group of local performers, a generation younger and older than themselves, to answer the questions of beauty, morality, and power raised by Oscar Wilde's never-aging character Dorian Gray, and to playfully ask why they all so crave the eye of the beholder. The group that wowed REDCAT audiences with previous works Western SocietySuper Night Shot and Kitchen, uses wit and wry humor as they “explore the point where theater meets art, media and real life.”