Film/Video Visiting Artist Frank Geßner

Film/Video Visiting Artist Frank Geßner

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CalArts Campus

Thursday, Oct. 27 | 4-7 pm
Bijou Theater

The Film-Video Department Faculty at CalArts welcomes Frank Geßner as a guest artist and an ambassador of Babelsberg University, Konrad Wolf, to connect with CalArts students, Oct. 25-29, 2022.

Among multiple awards and academic positions, Frank’s biography lists:

Chair of Visual Arts for Animation at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
Co-founder of the Institute for Artistic Research /IKF
Professor for Theory and Practice of Visual Arts at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.
Phd Program Supervisor for artistic projects, scientific-artistic doctorate.
Lecturer and essayist, conducting Master-classes internationally.

Geßner’s research and teaching topics:
Experimental and Hybrid Auteur film
Theory and practice of visual art
Pre and Future cinema
Expanded animation

For the past year and a half Geßner has been working on the concept and publication for Expanded Animation Worlds:

On Thursday, Oct. 27 from 4-7 pm, at the CalArts Bijou Theater, Geßner will present his recent work, EXPANDED ANIMATION WOR(L)DS: GLOBE PLAYHOUSE SPACELAB.

His CalArts visit is projected to include conversations about academic connections between Film University Babelsberg and CalArts in such areas of study as:

    - Character/ Experimental Animation
    - Film and Video
    - Multi Media
    - Dance
    - Theater
    - Digital Arts, Interdisciplinary
    - Critical Studies

Geßner will also share news from Film University Babelsberg in regards to a new BA, VFX & Virtual Production program.

Film University Babelsberg online PhD programs in the Academic and Academic-Artistic fields.