Ellen Reid: p r i s m

Ellen Reid: p r i s m

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Thurs., Nov. 29, 8 pm 
Fri., Nov. 30, 8 pm
Sat., Dec. 1, 8 pm
Sun., Dec. 2, 8 pm

Presented with LA Opera

World Premiere

Locked away in a sterile room, a sickly child Bibi and her doting mother Lumee are each other’s sole protectors from the unknown. When a mysterious illness lurking outside their door leaves Bibi unable to walk, her youthful curiosity begins to simmer and a seductive external existence can no longer be ignored. p r i s m, by Ellen Reid and Roxie Perkins, is a haunting, kaleidoscopic new work of opera-theatre that traverses the elasticity of memory after trauma. Composer Ellen Reid’s music erupts with color, using choral and orchestral manipulation to deliver an eerily distinct sonic world.