CalArts Spring Event

CalArts Spring Event

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The CalArts Spring Event takes place April 8 and 9! This special event will be a way to showcase the talents of our students as well as an opportunity to come together as a community in this time where we are apart. Produced by the Halloween Team, this event is run, managed and designed by CalArts Students. This virtual event aims to celebrate our community no matter how spread out we are in the world!

Streaming for the entire 2-day event: [RedCat] Alex Alpharaoh: O-Dogg: An Angeleno Take on Othello & Genna Moroni: More
Voucher Code: REDCAT2355

1-2 pm: Patty Disney’s Center for Life and Works: Accepted Students Day Career Trivia!
4-5 pm: Student Union Talkback / Meet & Greet

5-6 pm: Among Us Game Night with Student Experience
6-8 pm: CalArts Thurs.night

1 pm PDT: Baba Yaga Special Screening w/ Post Q&A Discussion
3:30 pm PDT: First five years of Baobab Studios w/ Eric Darnell & founders
6 pm PDT: CalArts Spring Event (Main Show)
8-10 pm PDT: CalArts Spring Event (Live Concert w/ KCIA)