Black Motion Pictures at REDCAT

Black Motion Pictures at REDCAT

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REDCAT: Organized by Gabrielle Civil, Black Motion Pictures is a series of Zoom interviews with radical Black creatives about race, performance, and representation conducted between June 2–14, 2020. Spanning a broad range of topics—Black punk music, heritage sites, re-enactments, queer ancestors— the series launches with transdisciplinary artist Anna Martine Whitehead. Who are you today and what do you do? Can you think of a performance--black or otherwise—whatever that means—that has meant a lot to you? How is black performance marked or archived? How does black performance relate to time (to historicity or ephemerality)? What is a black performance still? How does black performance matter? What is a black motion picture? 

Black Motion Pictures Series:

September 18, 2020: Transdisciplinary artist Anna Martine Whitehead

October 14, 2020: Artist and designer Kelly Walters

November 13, 2020: Film curator and programmer Jheanelle Brown

December 16, 2020: Performance artist Sola Bamis