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Billy Woodberry

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Still from Marseille après la guerre (2016), directed by Billy Woodberry. Courtesy of La Divina Comedia.

One of the main exponents of the LA Rebellion film movement and a former longtime faculty at the California Institute of the Arts, Billy Woodberry presents a series of his films rarely shown in Los Angeles. The program includes his early short, The Pocketbook (1978), adapted from a story by Langston Hughes; his ambitious documentary on the building of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Architect, the Ants and the Bees (2004); Marseille après la guerre (2016), an homage to Ousmane Sembène constructed through a montage of 1940s photographs found in the archives of the National Maritime Union; and A Story from Africa (2019), where, by analyzing and deconstructing thousands of shots taken by army photographer Velloso de Castro to keep a visual record of the 1907 Portuguese “pacification campaign” in the South of Angola, he evokes the tragic fate of the Cuamato nobleman, Calipalula.

The in-person program includes a post-screening talk with Billy Woodberry.