Aquelarre Gonzo Camarena

Aquelarre Gonzo Camarena

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Film/Video Programs at REDCAT Online

Livestreaming from Mexico City, Aquelarre Gonzo Camarena (“The Gonzo Crew”) is a regular online showcase of Mexico’s finest audiovisual ephemera. Culled from archives and dusty closets, the Aquelarre pays tribute to orphan film and video works through a weekly “clips party” and virtual hangout. Specially curated for this one-time-only REDCAT screening, Aquelarre Gonzo Camarena’s intrepid filmmakers and archivists have assembled a crash course videographic primer for those uninitiated in Gringolandia. Enjoy enchanting home movie segments from dysfunctional families! Marvel at insane government propaganda from the era of PRI soft dictatorship and neoliberal sellouts! Allow yourself to be wooed by the charms of touristic destinations! Witness the unheralded primacy of ketchup potato chips as a subject of the late 1980s video art movement in Mexico!

In person via Zoom: The Gonzo Crew.

General Audience $10, REDCAT Members/Students $8, CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff $5.

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