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Grade Policy

Student progress is evaluated through the mentoring process and by a system of faculty reviews that minimally includes a mid-residence review and a graduation review. Faculty judgments are documented by grades, review reports, a Critical Studies report on student progress in meeting the Critical Studies requirements, and by annual mentee progress reports and annual mentor's reports. All of these reports are available to students as part of their official record.

The following grading system is used: High Pass, passing with excellence; Pass, passing satisfactorily; Low Pass, passing; No Credit, work did not meet the criteria for credit; Incomplete, a temporary grade which becomes a "No Credit" if the work is not completed by the end of the following semester; Multiple, indication that a course extends over more than one semester and that the final grade will be recorded at course completion.

Note: CalArts does not use a Grade Point Average (GPA) as part of its marking system. However, for external purposes, when a GPA is required the following formula may be considered: HP = 4.00, P = 3.00, LP = 2.00, NC = 0.00.

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