Resources for Students

CalArts is transitioning to remote learning for all undergraduate and graduate classes. Transitioning to remote learning is a significant adjustment for everyone in our community, and we are committed to providing support.

Financial Support

Please use the forms below to apply for emergency funds, apply for credit for room and board, and ask for an exemption to upcoming dormitory changes. 

  • Emergency Funds Form: Students can apply for these funds that are intended to provide relief for urgent travel needs, food insecurity, and other extreme situations stemming from the COVID-19 disruption. 
  • Extenuating Circumstances Form: For residents of CalArts housing, who are unable to take their belongings and leave campus because of a travel ban or other extreme extenuation issue.  
  • Room & Board Credit/Refund: Returning students may receive a credit on room and board that can be applied to the Fall 2020 tuition, room, and board bill. If you are graduating or not returning to CalArts, you may be eligible for a refund after your account is settled.
  • Need-Based Tuition Grant Appeal: Students whose ability to cover the cost of next year's tuition has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic may apply for a need-based grant to help support the cost of attending CalArts.

To learn more, please visit the Financial Appeals page on the Hub:

Go to Financial Appeals Page

New Spring 2020 Calendar

  March 11 - May 15 In-Person Classes, Performances, Activities Suspended
  March 23 - 29 Remote classes and other educational requirements held
    March 30 - April 5 Spring Break
  April 6 - May 15
Remote classes and other educational requirements continue until the end of the spring semester

To do the week of March 16-20:

  1. Take the student online readiness assessment
  2. Prepare your technology

Before you begin classes next week, take time to cover your technology bases. Keep your computer, tablet, or phone running smoothly by updating software. Check your internet connection. Keep an eye on your email for updates from the Institute, your dean and program director, your faculty, and your mentors.

  1. Discover how to access CalArts services remotely

Even remotely, you have access to resources offered at CalArts. Check out the other webpages on this site for the services you might use during the rest of the semester.  

  1. Relax and practice work-life balance

Set time aside to relax before classes resume. Catch up on sleep, go for a walk, watch your favorite TV show, or spend time virtually with your friends, family, and others. Your brain will thank you!