Art and the Long Downturn

CalArts Aesthetics and Politics Program presents 'Art and the Long Downturn' on Friday, Dec. 1, with Sarah Brouillette, Jasper Bernes, Annie McClanahan and Michael Szalay.

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Leighton Pierce: Revisited and Anticipated Works

Leighton Pierce, Dean of the School of Film/Video, takes the Cinematic Voices screening through some of his early and recent work in video and film describing a fresh arc through it all, from the point of the his current works in progress. 

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CalArts Mourns Passing of Provost Emeritus Beverly O'Neill

CalArts Provost Emeritus Beverly O'Neill passed away on Sunday, July 16, after a long illness. O'Neill, along with her filmmaker husband Pat O'Neill and several other artists and scholars, founded the Los Angeles Independent Film Oasis, an experimental nonprofit screening organization...

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