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CalArts Campus

Banner by Conny Cavazos

It’s thurs.night! Join our last event of the semester at 8 pm PST on, featuring student and alumnx work from across the Institute!

Enjoy live performance footage from Beverly Steel's Sunday Brunch and Dinner Club, a series of musical improvisations by Sebastian Suarez-Solis, poetry by Andrea Granera, an ambient pop album by Anna Luisa Petrisko, two artworks by Carolina Hicks, and a review of Brody Scott’s mixed-media installation everything is broken nothing works by Peter Frank Hager. Additionally, peruse the thurs.night archives for even more incredible work from the CalArts community!

If you are a CalArts student, faculty, or alumnx and you’d like to submit your work to thurs.night or have your sellable art or creative services listed in our CalArts gift guide, please use this link. Stay updated throughout the week by following thurs.night on Instagram!