Screening of "Set in the West: the Genesis of L.A. Hip Hop" (2017)

Screening of "Set in the West: the Genesis of L.A. Hip Hop" (2017)

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CalArts Campus


Directed by Wolfgang Amadeuz

With director Wolfgang Amadeuz in attendance, and special guests:

Wolfgang Amadeuz

Wolfgang Amadeuz is a producer, hip hop historian, technophile and writer. A member of Universal Hip Hop, a docent for the California African American Museum, and Compton’s 125 Historical Society. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and graduated from Compton High School and Los Angeles Southwest College, Wolfgnag Amadeuz directed and produced the documentary Set in the West: the Genesis of L.A. Hip Hop (2017) and Luv For Keeps: The Story of Madonna’s Stalker. He has been featured in the documentary Beyond Gangster Blackface (dir. Lenon Honor, 2017) 

Alonzo Williams 

Legendary artist, producer, and club owner, Alonzo "Lonzo" Williams started his career as an early West Coast Mobile DJ under the name "Disco Construction".  

By 1984, "Grand Master Lonzo" (as the hip hop community began to call him) transformed his in-house DJ’s to a group called "The Wreckin Cru" which consisted of (Cli-N-Tel, Antoine “Yella” Carraby and Andre “Dr. Dre” Young). He even built a recording studio inside "Eve After Dark" where Wreckin Cru could lay tracks including their first recorded singles “Surgery” and “Juice”, featuring the young Dr. Dre. During this time, Lonzo came across "Stereo Cru" which consisted of O’Shea “Ice Cube" Jackson, Tony “Sir Jinx” & K.D. 

Both singles had become electro-rap favorites in the west coast club circuit and sold many copies. That same year during the World Olympics the Wreckin Cru decided to ad "World Class" to their name. 

After releasing "World Class", the group’s debut album, they caught the eye of Larkin Arnold of Epic Records who signed Stereo Cru aka C.I.A. and World Class Wreckin Cru to a recording deal. With this signing they released a string of singles and also their second album, “Rapped in Romance”.  Afterwards, a personnel change occurred when Cli-N-Tel left and was replaced by Shakespeare.

After Epic Records, bot World Class Wreckin Cru and C.I.A. headed for CBS Records for a year before going back to Kru Cut Records to record independently. Wreckin Cru released the “Cabbage Patch” album featuring “House Calls” and “Must Be The Music”.  Shortly after the Cru decided to go their separate ways, but not before Lonzo penned and recorded “Turn Off the Lights” featuring Michel’le.

During his more than twenty-five plus years in the music industry, Lonzo has helped to structure the futures of some of today’s hottest talents such as Dr. Dre, DJ Battle Kat, DJ Rectangle, Ice Cube, L.A. Dream Team and West Coast Record Distributors. He also launched the careers of Rodney-O and Joe Cooley, as well as Compton’s Most Wanted.

By the early 2000's, Lonzo has received invitations to share his experiences and knowledge of the music industry from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and countless universities. As an authority on the beginnings of West Coast Hip Hop, Lonzo has also been featured on MTV and VH1, along with news media such as The Los Angeles Times, The Source, and Vibe. Lonzo is also an integral figure in the best-selling music industry documentary “Welcome to Death Row”, an expose on the most news worthy Hip Hop label in the world. 

Today, Lonzo remains a fixture in the hip hop community and has expanded his resume to include author and radio show host. On the heels of the August 2015 release, "Straight Outta Compton" (which vaguely chronicled his role in the formative years of the worlds most dangerous rap group, N.W.A.)-Lonzo released his memoir, "N.ot W.ithout A.lonzo: The Roots of West Coast Hip Hop" in October 2015 (available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon.Com). What followed is a raw and uncut internet radio show entitled "The N.ot W.ithout A.lonzo" which broadcasts every Wednesday on the Morris Media Network. 

Delphine “SilkyD” Williams

Speaker | HipHop Pioneer | Educator

Delphine “SilkyD” Williams is a Los Angeles native and a music industry original. Silky D broke barriers and laid the groundwork in the streets, clubs and airwaves of for all aspiring female DJ’s to build upon. Silky “D” was the only female DJ welcomed by legendary West Coast party crew “Uncle Jamms Army”. Was the first female radio mix masters for KJLH& KDAY who announce her as the World First Female DJ. Silky provided the unforgettable background noises for the all time 80’s classics, “Dial a Freak” and”808 Beats”. DJ Silky “D” went on to become one of the first female sound and stage managers and musical directing. She got her training from some of the best sound-stage masters, have work along side with Steve Hirsch and Al Rose. DJ Silky D has created sound for many renowned talents such as Teena Marie, The Gap Band,Zapp,Cameo, IceCube, Monica, Faith, ZAPP, and Bootsy to name a few. Transition sparked her most recent projects, Ladylike Entertainment, a full service media group, and “Ethereal” a raw and uncut media show which provides a strong dose of good music, down to earth community issues, politics, and hip-hop history. Before music, Delphine is also known for working in the film industry .work as a casting assistant and PA for the late Eddie Smith, CEO of Black Stunt Men Association and past SAGPresident,Jim Green. Currently ,she received a casting credit for “LA2DABay 2″and continues to give back in the community. She’s recently involved with Operation Skid Row, an organization providing survival and living needs to the homeless. And countless speaks at many organizations and independent radio shows like” The100Black Men” LongBeach Chapter, Community Lemeirt Park, Project Blowed ,Industry Connects, Urban Radio , to educate parents, young men & woman about the industry. Silky D is aggressively expanding and actively taking her projects to the next level. Silky D has received awards East to West as First Female of West Coast Hip Hop Pioneers and as an Educator for her works with LAUSD County Juvenile Schools. The legendary, Delphine “Silky D” Williams proudly stands as the founding female DJ, a keen businesswoman and a mentor to the many before and after her.

Dr. Funkenstein 

David Storms aka DJ Dr.Funkenstein is part of the First Generation DJ's of Los Angeles's no.1 Dance Promoters "Uncle Jamm's Army". Born and Raise in Los Angeles, CA and attended Narbonne High Class of 1979 he then attended at Los Angeles Trade Tech College and took up Auto Mechanics and Music. Dr Funkenstein has been in the music business since 1977 and has his own radio show "We:Funk" Radio on and mini studio "X-Men" Studios (Home of We Funk" Radio Los Angeles) Catch him on his 2 tv-channels on YouTube: 1) "Funkvision" and 2) "On-assignment" !"