Palestine/Israel Teach-In

Palestine/Israel Teach-In

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CalArts Campus

Langley and Zoom

What Time is it on the Clock of the World?: The Artist’s Purpose and Responsibility in Urgent Times

This convening nurtures the creation of a place, albeit temporary, where we can come together in learning and dialogue to reflect on our role and experiences as artists and culture makers catalyzed by the events in Palestine/Israel, and the extraordinary loss of life and rupture of humanity. This teach-in will include testimony by artists with direct lived experiences in Palestine/Israel. Guest artists include Palestinian culture makers and activists Alana Hadid and Mohammad Qasem, School of Theater alums Noga Wind and Sayda Trujillo, and School of Art alumna Dorit Cypis. We will discuss the interconnected nature of oppression, offer somatic tools for generative meaning-making, and kindle creative action for a world where all people live in freedom, justice, equal rights, and dignity. 

This event is organized by CalArts School of Theater faculty Evelyn Serrano in collaboration with CalArts student Elie Korio, facilitators Avalon Greenberg, and Nadia Kareen Abudawas, and the guest artists. This event was also made possible with the support of the Provost Office, Institute Diversity Officer Eva Graham, and the CalArts School of Theater.

For more information and to reserve a spot, visit the event's website.