Joel Frahm

Joel Frahm

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CalArts Campus

Jazz Forum

B302, ROD

School of Music Visiting Artist

Joel Frahm, a seasoned performer, recording artist, and educator, boasts a musical career spanning over 30 years, primarily based in New York City. Now residing in Nashville, he continues to share his passion for music. Renowned for his daring and innovative tenor sound, Frahm has garnered a global following. His collaborations include luminaries like Betty Carter, Kenny Barron, and Kurt Elling, among others. With over 100 recordings to his credit, Frahm has graced prestigious jazz festivals worldwide, from the United States and Europe to Israel, Canada, and South America. Beyond performing, he has imparted his expertise through teaching at numerous esteemed institutions, leaving an indelible mark on jazz education. Hailing from Racine, Wisconsin, Frahm's formative years in West Hartford, Connecticut, ignited his fervor for jazz, laying the foundation for a remarkable career. In 1992, he earned a bachelor's degree from the Manhattan School of Music.