Cuatro Minimal

Cuatro Minimal

Photo courtesy of the artists.

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Sunday, December 3
8:30 PM (PT)

Kumiroda — everything is dream

Take a journey with Cuatro Minimal, an intrepid quartet that blends roots music and oral traditions from Mexico and Asia with contemporary music, free improvisation, and deep collaborative experimentation. Founded in 2011 in the rice fields of Nanto, Japan, Cuatro Minimal includes singer and composer Juan Pablo Villa and guitarist Fernando Vigueras, both hailing from the contemporary music scene of Mexico City; the traditional Korean percussion master Chang Jaehyo; and one of Japan’s most respected world musicians, Sakaki Mango, who plays African thumb piano and the gottan, a string instrument from Kagoshima region. Cuatro Minimal is recognized as a highly innovative project, a kaleidoscope of musical possibilities built by cables and effects, an irresistible and deeply expressive landscape of sounds where the roots appear free and wide, intimately, and universally human.

"Four experienced artists, all different, all respected in their own countries, gathering their roots in a unique story."
Zazil Collins, Lugar de Los Guajes Coloridos