Chang Jaehyo

Chang Jaehyo

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CalArts Campus

B302, ROD

Experimental Voice

School of Music Visiting Artist

Chang Jae-hyo is a Korean traditional percussionist and vocalist. Graduated in Pansori, he starts his career as a member of Puri, unit which has revolutionized the traditional music field in Korea in the 90’s, first project to create bridges with theater, visual arts, contemporary dance etc. He creates “Sonagi Project” in 2007, a minimal group performing minimal and avantgarde performances only with traditional drums.
Recognized as one of the most influent percussionist of his generation, he collaborates with all the artists if the contemporary music scene in Korea, connecting the Samulnori and Pansori to electronic music, soundscapes, dance and theatral expression. He also took part to many big scale events (Olympic Games, Football World Cup etc). Artistic director of the Korean Traditional Music Orchestra for the Blind(KTMOB) since 2022, director of the Seoul Drum Festival 2023.