Update: On Dec. 5, 2020, CalArts Board of Trustees affirmed that the current tuition rates will remain in place for 2021-22.

2021-2022 Annual Tuition

Degree Program Per Semester Full Year
Full-Time Undergraduate (BFA & Certificate), Graduate (MFA & Advanced Certificate), and Doctoral (DMA) programs $26,425 $52,850
Full-Time MA Aesthetics and Politics program (1st year only) $21,160 $42,320
Low-Residency MA Aesthetics and Politics program (2nd year only) $10,580 $21,160

All CalArts tuition rates increase annually. The annual increase is typically 4%-5%, including for the second, low-residency year of the MA program. For more information about future tuition increases, please visit our Estimated Multi-Year Tuition Schedule page.

View 2020-2021 Tuition and Fees Deadlines

2021-2022 Annual Fees

Fee Type
Per Semester Full Year
Student Activity/Student Life Fee $58 $116
Technology Fee $250 $500

2021-2022 On-Campus Housing Fees

Chouinard Hall (undergraduate only)
Per Semester Full Year
Single Occupancy (Approved accommodations only) $5,130 $10,260
Double Occupancy $3,520 $7,040

All residents of Chouinard Hall are required to enroll in the 10-meal per week plan at a minimum, and this cost will be reflected on the student’s bill. Students may choose to upgrade to a 14, 17 or block meal plan during registration each semester.

Ahmanson Hall (graduate only)
Per Semester Full Year
Private Bedroom in a Shared Apartment Suite $4,500 $9,000

2021-2022 Meal Plans

Meal plans offered by Bon Appétit
fall semester spring semester annual cost
5 meals per week + $50/$60 flex $822 $1,040 $1,862
10 meals per week + $150/$170 Flex $1,682 $2,079 $3,761
14 meals per week + $150/$170 Flex $2,259 $2,787 $5,046
17 meals per week + $100/$100 Flex $2,577 $3,192 $5,769
140 Block Meal Plan + $150 Flex per week (allows access to 140 meals at any time during the semester) $2,033 $2,033 $4,066

Meals can be redeemed during regular meal times at CalArts main cafeteria (Steve’s Café). Flex dollars can be used like a bank debit card to purchase snacks, drinks or meals in either Steve’s Café or in Tatum Lounge.

2021-2022 Health Insurance Fees

Fee Type
Fall Semester Spring Semester Full Year
Administered by Academic Health Plans underwritten by UnitedHealthCare Student Resources $921 $1,834 $2,755

All CalArts students will be automatically enrolled in the CalArts health insurance plan. This cost will be reflected on the student’s bill each semester.

Students already covered by another health insurance provider may complete an insurance waiver. See the Health Insurance page for additional details.