Creative Writing

Portfolio Requirements (MFA)

A portfolio of current work representing your best writing and your aesthetic sensibility is required of all applicants to the MFA Creative Writing Program. This portfolio must contain:

  1. An artist’s statement that broadly addresses your writing / artistic practice, your creative  / critical influences, and your reasons for applying to CalArts’ MFA Creative Writing Program.  
  2. A creative writing sample up to 25 pages in length. Within the 25 maximum pages, applicants may submit any number of pieces in any number of genres. While our program welcomes hybrid, multi-genre, and multi-media samples, all samples will be considered on equal terms. 

All applicants must submit the Writing Sample and Artist Statement by uploading them into the Written Materials section of the online application. Additionally, any supplemental media integral to your writing practice should be submitted in the Portfolio/Audition Submission "Upload Media" section. 

Letters of Recommendation

The MFA Creative Writing Program requires two letters of recommendation.