CalArts offers meal plans that are designed to meet the needs of every student. You may choose a plan that includes 5, 10, 14 or 17 meals per week or a block meal plan. Along with your meal plan you can also purchase Commuter Flex Dollars to be used as you wish.

With Commuter Flex Dollars you can use your Student I.D. card like a bank debit card. Use flex dollars to purchase beverages, snacks, or even a full meal. Every time you make a purchase, the amount is subtracted from your Flex balance. When using flex dollars the sales tax is already covered.

Register For Meal Plans/Commuter Flex Dollars

All Chouinard residents are required to participate in the 10 meal/week plan, you will be automatically enrolled for this meal plan and this will be reflected on your tuition bill. If you want to keep the 10 meal plan there is nothing further that needs to be done. You may upgrade this plan to a 14, 17 or block meal plan during registration each semester.

All other students must register for a meal plan each semester if they would like to have a meal plan or flex dollars. To register for or change a meal plan or add commuter flex dollars, please click here and select Symplicity - Residence, then select the appropriate term Meal Plan + Flex. Once you have selected your meal plan or commuter flex dollars, the applicable amount will be added to your student tuition statement within 3-5 business days.

If you want the meal plan charge to be included on your tuition statement be sure to complete the meal plan/flex application right away.

Once Registration has ended, in order to add a meal plan or commuter flex, you will need to call our Cashier at 661-253-7846.

If you have any questions regarding the meal plan or commuter flex, please contact the Accounting Office at