CalArts offers meal plans that are designed to meet the needs of every student. You may choose a plan that includes 5, 10, 14 or 17 meals per week or a block meal plan. You can also purchase flex funds to be used as you wish.



Register for Meal Plans


Please select a meal plan by submitting the Meal Plan Form through our Registration system.

Once you have completed and submitted the Meal Plan Form, the applicable amount will be added to the student's account within a few days.

If you have questions regarding meal plan purchases, please contact Student Accounts at or 661-253-7847.

Please note:

  • All residents in Chouinard Hall will be required to participate in the 10-meal/week plan for as long as they reside in Chouinard. This meal plan will be added to your tuition bill automatically. You may upgrade this plan to a 14, 17 or block meal plan if you choose to do so during registration each semester but at a minimum, a 10 meal/week plan is required.