Winter/Spring 2022 Orientation

Welcome to our community of artists!

We are thrilled you have joined CalArts and we can’t wait to meet you in the fall. In the meantime, we’ve prepared some important dates, information and links to help you navigate the next steps on your journey to CalArts. We'll see you in Valencia soon.

COVID-19 Precautions

As CalArts prepares for the semester, we are working on limiting exposure to COVID on our campus. We are asking students to limit family members, guests, or individuals assisting with move-in or attending family orientation events to no more than two individuals with the student. We are also asking that no student, family member, or guest come to campus if they are exhibiting a temperature, cough, or any other symptoms of COVID or if they have been around any individual who has been diagnosed positive with COVID. If you have questions, please review our campus protocols.

First Year Key Dates

Orientation and Move-In Dates

  • August 23

    All unvaccinated international students are asked to arrive to campus by August 23 to be tested, vaccinated, and quarantined.

  • Sept. 3 - 5

    On-campus Move-in Dates 

  • Sept. 5 - 11

    On-Campus Orientation Schedule

Registration & Advising

  • August 10

    Fall 2021 registration for classes begins. Online class signup begins for new students. Check your CalArts email for further information from the Registrar's Office and Academic Advising.

  • September 9

    Course Advising Day

  • September 13

    Fall 2021 Classes begin

Tuition & Payment

  • July 1

    Payment period begins. Tuition statements and registration forms, including meal plan purchase form and health insurance waiver, are available.  Follow these step-by-step instructions to complete all required forms, payments, and to settle your account.

  • August 26

    **Payment Deadline**, students who have not completed the financial aid process, settled their account and completed the registration forms will be put on hold for registration and incur a $200 late fee.

  • September 6
    Students that have not settled their account by 4:00 PM will be REMOVED FROM THEIR CLASSES. Please note this is NEW. Once you have settled your account your preloaded classes will be reinstated and you will need to re-enroll in your elective and/or Critical Studies classes. There is no guarantee there will still be spots available in non-preloaded classes.

  • September 17
    **Late Payment Deadline** - students who have not settled their account by 4:00 PM will not be enrolled for the semester.

How to settle your student account for Fall 2021 registration at CalArts:


[Office of the Provost] Preparing for Fall 2021 at CalArts

This welcome message was sent from Provost Tracie Costantino to all CalArts students on Aug. 3, 2021, on preparing for Fall 2021.

Dear Students,

With the start of fall semester classes about a month away, I am writing to share information about how we are preparing for your in-person return to Valencia and how you can prepare for a successful fall semester. CalArts staff are working hard to make this a safe and smooth transition back to classrooms and studios, and we are especially looking forward to welcoming first- and second-year students to campus for the first time. While I am so looking forward to being back on our lively campus again soon, I’d like to reiterate that our top priority will always be the safety of the CalArts community.

Fall 2021

Based on current public health guidance we are planning for in-person classes, with some, such as lecture-based classes, taking place in a hybrid (some instruction via Zoom and some in-person, and/or required in-person coursework in studios/labs), or remote classes. You can find a description on our website about the various class modalities. Studios, performance spaces, exercise rooms, the SuperShop, Library and other areas of campus such as Steve’s Cafeteria, the CalArts store, and Tatum coffee lounge also will be operating in-person.

Preparing for Classes

You should have received a lengthy email from the Registrar on July 28 (Hub login required) packed with important information. You should also stay tuned for emails from your school and program as they are scheduling information and Q&A sessions throughout August to share their fall plans. In addition, I encourage you to check class listings on your schedule as some classes that were listed as “online only” have been updated to reflect new guidance that allows for in-person learning.

As a reminder, Tuesday, Aug. 10 is course registration day for new students and Course Advising Day is September 9. You can find important tips on preparing for registration on our website.

Ensuring Safety and Wellness

While masks will be required indoors on-campus, including in classrooms, current health guidance allows for the removal of masks for vaccinated students to participate in performances such as acting and music (audiences remain masked). Your program will continue to update you on these requirements and how they will affect your instruction. 

Our goal is to keep CalArts healthy and COVID-free so we can enjoy the full experience of our community of artists in and out of class. Please remember to get vaccinated by Aug. 15 and then upload your vaccine status or request an accommodation

Although public health guidance may change, as we have seen with the new indoor mask requirement in L.A. County, due to the Delta variant surge, our goal is to have a collaborative and exciting year. By wearing masks and having as many members of our community as possible vaccinated, we will be in a good position to weather COVID variants and surges and to continue enjoying an on-campus experience.

Enjoy your remaining weeks of summer, safe travels, and I’ll see you soon.

Tracie Costantino
Tracie Costantino

New Student Information

Financial Aid

CalArts Accounting and Financial Aid Workshop from CalArts on Vimeo.

Watch this session recorded on Aug. 3, 2021, covering topics from how to read your bill to understanding financial aid options.


Registration and Class Signup Information

You can find more information about classes and registration on our website. New incoming students will begin online class signup on August 10, and will also receive signup times by email, along with detailed instructions on how to select a schedule. 

Once your signup time begins, log into the new Self Service to select the classes you want to add. 

Classes fill up quickly during online signup, so you should know what to sign up for before your assigned time. The fall schedule is available in the Course Catalog

Here are the steps to prepare for signup: 

  • Talk to your mentor and/or program director.
  • Talk to an academic advisor – make an appointment or come to one of the  Advising/Registrar Town Halls (keep reading for details).
  • Clear your holds – log into the Hub to see if you have any messages from campus administrative offices (Accounting, Advising, International Students, and Registrar all may place holds on your account for missing paperwork and other issues).
  • Complete your Registration Forms – log into HubHelper to complete these forms.
  • Build your course plan – check out the Class Signup Webpage for step by step instructions and FAQs.
  • Mark your calendar for online registration on Tuesday, August 10 (an email with your signup time will be sent the week of August 3). 
  • For courses that are not available through online signup, and for general mentoring and discussion with faculty, students are invited to attend course advising day. This is where you will have the opportunity to sign up for any courses listed as permission of instructor. Course Advising Day will be held on Thursday, September 9. Students are assigned a morning or afternoon time by last name. 

Virtual Office Hours during Online Registration

  • Zoom Office Hours with breakout rooms for Registrar from 9:00am-2:00pm on August 11.

    ***Zoom link will be sent 8/10 and 8/11 


First-year and second-year students will soon receive detailed information about orientation. It is our goal to welcome you and familiarize you with the campus and community to make your transition to Fall 2021 as smooth as possible. This year’s orientation will be held both online and in-person on campus.

  • First-year students: You will begin receiving virtual orientation modules in July and will complete in-person sessions in September. On-campus orientation dates are Sept. 5-11.
  • Second-year students: We are also planning special orientation events for second-year students who have not yet had the opportunity to participate in on-campus classes and activities. Our goal is to help you learn the who, what, and where throughout the CalArts campus, and to supplement what you learned during online orientation last summer. Second-year students’ on-campus orientation events will also take place Sept. 5-11.

Move-In Dates

We will offer staggered move-in dates to accommodate the need for social distancing. Move-in will take-place over the Labor Day weekend, Sept. 3-5. We will send out a reservation form soon to select a move-in time and date. Your 30-minute move-in window is for checking in and receiving your keys. After check-in, you can take the rest of the day to move-in.  

All unvaccinated international students are asked to arrive to campus by Aug. 23 to be tested, vaccinated, and quarantined. If they will be living on campus and test negative, students will move into their rooms early with boxed meals provided. If they live on campus and test positive, students will move into an isolation space and meals will be provided. 

Housing Preparations

CalArts Housing
The housing lottery has been completed and students have been notified of their housing placements. Roommate assignments will go out in the beginning of August. Though we do currently have some students on the waitlist, we do hope to find spaces for most students who have requested housing, either in our on-campus residence halls or our off-campus CalArts managed apartments. 

Off-Campus Housing
For students seeking off-campus housing options, we encourage you to begin your search. Please review the off-campus resource guide so you can begin to look at off-campus options in the area. CalArts currently has two off-campus housing options:

We are also happy to answer any questions you have regarding local neighborhoods or rental opportunities. Contact Residence Life Office directly with your questions or concerns at or at 661-253-7897. 

Helpful Packing List for CalArts Housing

What students can bring:

  • Kitchen Utensils (pots, pans, plates, cups)
  • Small Appliances (coffee pot, toaster, microwave, fan, alarm, toaster oven)
  • Small Refrigerator (no larger than 6 cubic feet)
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Cleaning Supplies & Cleaners
  • Trash Can
  • Small Vacuum
  • Bedding & Linens
  • Towels & Toiletries
  • Iron & Ironing Board
  • Electronic Equipment (surge protectors, computer, tv, stereo)
  • Clothes Hangers
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Small Safe for Valuables
  • Personal Decor

What not to bring: 

  • Pets
  • Space Heaters
  • Hot Plates
  • Extension Cords
  • Plug-In Air Fresheners
  • Candles & Incense
  • Halogen Lamps
  • Paint or Spray Paint
  • Fireworks & Explosives
  • Weapons (toy or real)


To ensure that all registered domestic and international students at CalArts maintain health insurance, all students are automatically enrolled in the student health insurance plan unless proof of comparable coverage is shown by the end of the waiver period for Fall (September 17, 2021).

If you wish to keep your CalArts coverage, no action is needed.

If you wish to waive the student health insurance plan, please click here. Once your waiver is submitted, the verification process can take 5-7 days. The insurance charge cannot be removed until CalArts has been notified by our insurance broker, AHP, that your waiver has been verified.

Immunization Requirements

In an effort to keep our community healthy, Student Health Services requires that proof of immunizations for each student is documented. Immunization records are required for all new incoming students to CalArts and those returning to campus for the first time since the start of the pandemic in 2020.

Students should have MMR, Tuberculosis and Meningitis vaccine information submitted by September 1, 2021. Please note that an immunization flag will be placed on your record and if immunization records are not received by September 1, you will not be allowed to enroll for spring classes until this form is turned in. If Immunization Records are in another language, they must be translated to English by a certified translator. For instructions on how to submit your immunization records please visit the Health Services page.


Vaccine and Quarantine Requirements

CalArts has made the decision to require vaccination against COVID-19 for all students, faculty, and staff planning to attend in-person classes, activities, and events during the Fall 2021 semester. Our health policy will be updated to incorporate this requirement, with limited exceptions, as a permanent standard. Any COVID-19 vaccine approved for use by the World Health Organization (WHO) will fulfill the CalArts vaccination requirement. To verify your vaccination, please fill out the Student Vaccination Verification Form

We are also developing plans to support students who may not be able to receive a vaccine until they arrive at CalArts. We will communicate those details in the coming weeks. 

Students may seek, and the Institute will consider, waivers based on medical or religious grounds. To request an accommodation, please fill out the Student Vaccination Accommodation Form. You can also use this form if you will not be fully vaccinated by the start of the semester.

COVID-19 Vaccine Exemptions & Weekly Testing Requirements

  • Vaccination Exemptions
    Vaccination exemptions are available for medical or religious reasons by completing the Student Vaccination Exemption Form. You can also use this form if you will not be fully vaccinated by the start of the semester.
  • Weekly Testing Requirements
    Students approved for medical or religious exemptions will be required to submit a weekly testing form.

International Students Next Steps

All unvaccinated international students are asked to arrive by Aug. 23 to be tested, vaccinated, and quarantined. If they will be living on campus and test negative, they will move into their rooms early with boxed meals provided. If they live on campus and test positive, students will be moved into an isolation space and  meals will be provided.   

For the Declaration of Finances, I-20, and Visa FAQ, please visit here. More information on visa application, traveling, etc. is here. Email if you have additional questions or come to the New Student Walk-in Zoom on Thursdays 10-11am PT.


While the majority of CalArts classes will be held in-person, on the CalArts campus, there are also hybrid and remote courses

The first day of classes for the Fall 2021 semester is Sept. 13.

Online Information Sessions

We will offer online sessions this summer to share current information and respond to questions from students and families. Please continue to check your new calarts email for more information.

Student/Parent Welcome and Town Hall
We are excited to invite you to a virtual Welcome Session for Fall 2021 new and returning students and their families on Tuesday, June 22 at 6 pm PT. Please RSVP for this Zoom event.

The CalArts leaders who will provide information and take questions include: 

  • Ravi Rajan, President
  • Tracie Costantino, Provost
  • Anna Jablonski, Interim Vice President of Enrollment and Interim Vice President of Student Experience
  • Jesse Smith, Vice President of Facilities & Operations, COVID Compliance Officer
  • Brian Harlan, Associate Provost, Chair COVID Response Implementation Team (CRIT)
  • Natalie Farrar Adams, Interim Chief Advancement Officer 

If you are unable to attend this session, it will be recorded and posted. 


  • If you have questions regarding billing, please contact Student Accounts at
  • If you have questions regarding financial aid, please contact the CalArts Financial Aid Office at or 661.253.7869.
  • If you have questions regarding housing, please contact the Campus Life Office at or 661-253-7897.
  • If you have questions regarding registration for classes, please contact the Registrar’s Office at or 661.451.0140.
  • If you have questions regarding health insurance, please contact Student Experience at
  • If you need assistance logging in or with your password, please contact CalArts IT at

CalArts Merch

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