Event Schedule

The livestream ceremony on Friday, May 15, will have a run time of approximately two hours and will begin at 6 pm pdt. Our show will be full of special guests and performances, so grab a beverage, put on some comfy clothes (a benefit of a virtual ceremony!) and tune in for the entirety of the stream. 

Also, remember that the virtual graduation ceremony will be available as a "video-on-demand" in the days after the livestream event!

CalArts Virtual Graduation 2020 Program

  • Opening Performance by African Drum Ensemble
  • Alumni Messages (Pete Docter, Marco Morante, Beatriz Cortez, Lyndon J. Barrois, Mary Ann Kellogg)
  • Opening Remarks Continued (Student Union Trustee Ryan Adame and Student Union President Georgia Peeples)
  • Alumni Messages (Ed Harris, Naotaka Hiro, Chrysanthe Tan, Nataki Garrett, John Schwerbel)
  • Remarks Continued (Provost, Tracie Costantino) and Retirement Homage for David Rosenboom
  • Alumni Messages (Robin Sukhadia, John Luther Adams, Mark Osborne, Valerie Tevere, Kevin Zambrano, Christine Beebe, Margo Victor)
  • Remarks Continued (President, Ravi Rajan)
  • Remarks Continued and Conferment of Degrees (Board of Trustees President, Tim Disney)
  • The Herb Alpert School of Music Presentation of Graduates
  • School of Film/Video Presentation of Graduates
  • School of Critical Studies Presentation of Graduates
  • School of Theater Presentation of Graduates
  • The Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance Presentation of Graduates
  • School of Art Presentation of Graduates
  • Alumni Messages (Natalie Metzger, Mark Kirkland, Irene Tsatsos, Jacques Heim, Jorge Gutierrez)
  • Closing Remarks and Finale