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Student Council

2014-2015  Student Council

The CalArts Student Council represents the CalArts student body by providing an open forum for students to express concerns about the Institute; serving as liaisons to the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, and staff; and providing for the student body by using and distributing funds collected through the student activity fee. The Student Council functions to unite the student body in order to foster a fully interdisciplinary, progressive and creative environment.

Student Council Office
Room D216
Phone: x2255

A Note on our Office:

The Student Council Office (D216) will now house our KCIA Radio Station which will be officially launched in March 2015.

The New Student Council Office will be located in D211, right outside of Tatum Lounge.

Both rooms are currently under maintenance and will be fully operational within the next couple of months. Student Council Office Hours will resume regularly.

Thank you for your patience,

<3 SC

Executive Officers


  • Art: Cori Redstone and Olga Cosme
  • Dance: Tariq Mitri and Yolette Yellow-Duke
  • Music: Jesse Garrett VanDenKooy and Justin Jackson
  • Theater: Salina Mahoney and Bianca Ruiz-Brock

Student Council Constitution

Student Council Constitution rev Feb. 25, 2015.pdf

Check out the Facebook group.

2014-2015 Funding Proposal Guidelines and Application

•    Project grants- $400 maximum
•    Métier grants- $200 maximum
•    Emergency grants- $100 maximum

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