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Project Assistance Grants at CalArts

DAFCA (Disney Artists for CalArts) Grants

DAFCA grants are designed to assist students with emergencies that cannot be addressed by obtaining an Emergency Loan. Registered students who have unmet financial need are eligible to receive $100 maximum but in special circumstances may be eligible for up to $200 per academic year. Applications are available through the Student Affairs Office. Grants are awarded as long as funds are available and are not made during breaks.

Deans’ Reserve Funds

These funds are distributed at the discretion of the Dean of each school or his/her representative. Like the DAFCA grant, it is given only to students who have unmet financial need. More information is available from the offices of the individual Deans.

Diversity Student Projects Grants

Modest grants of $300 to fund student projects in support of diversity at CalArts through interaction, education, and practice are available. Collaborative proposals involving participants from more than one School are encouraged, and projects must be open and accessible to the Institute as a whole. It is important to clearly articulate how your project promotes diversity. Please note that this grant does not support travel. Grant applications are reviewed by the Grants Subcommittee of the Diversity Committee. More information.

Feminist Works Award

The CalArts Feminist Works Award offers students a stipend of $250.00 to support projects focusing on gender - its construction, oppression, and its many intersecting and overlapping inequalities (race, class, and sexuality, among others). This award will help support materials, research, travel, and other work-related costs. Under this award, feminism is loosely defined as a social, political, and philosophical practice that aims to recognize gendered oppression within a larger context of structural violence in order to negate and change inequality. 

Eligibility - This award is open to undergraduate and graduate students from all schools; however, applications will only be reviewed once a semester.

Due Date - March 1, 2015

To Apply - Submit a statement explaining how their current work or proposed project is influenced by and engages feminist thought and include an outlined budget of anticipated costs. Please include your contact information on your statement. Submit your statement and budget via email to Patricia Gonzalez

Intercultural Arts Project Committee (ICAP) Grants

The Intercultural Arts Project (ICAP) was established at CalArts in 1988 to help increase and sustain the presence of artists from many different cultures (emphasis on artists who live and work beyond the Eurocentric sphere while maintaining the aesthetic perspective of their specific backgrounds). The Project seeks to foster the mutual exchange of aesthetic, social, and political concerns through artistic interaction among diverse artists, the CalArts community, and the wider constituencies of Southern California.

Schools, programs or individuals may submit project proposals for consideration. Grant applications are reviewed by the Grants Subcommittee of the Diversity Committee. More information.

Interdisciplinary Project Grants

Interdisciplinary Project Grants are available to students who will be enrolled at CalArts during the semester of the award. Grants are available for up to $1,500 to support projects with a significant interdisciplinary element. More information. Questions? Contact the Office of the Provost at 661.255.1050 x2124.

Student Affairs Project Grants

Registered students who have unmet financial need and need assistance with the completion of a project are eligible for these grants. Awards are generally $100. Applications are available in the Student Affairs Office and are reviewed and awarded at the end of each month, as long as funds are available. Grants are not made during breaks.

Student Council Grants

Student Council produces a variety of events and awards grants for selected student activities and projects. Applications are available online. Completed applications can be submitted to the Student Council Office in Room D216 or in their mailbox located in the Mailroom.

Student Travel Grants 

Travel grants are sponsored by the Office of the President and Office of the Provost. Students may request up to $250 to support travel in conjunction with a class project. Grants are awarded as long as funds are available. More information.

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