CalArts Strategic Visioning Project

CalArts is embarking upon a groundbreaking journey, where we will dream together to build an audacious and sustainable vision for the future. The Strategic Visioning Project, a two-year process centered around charting the next ten years ahead, will define your greatest areas of growth and impact as a radical arts educator. Culminating with the 50th anniversary in 2020, this project will identify distinct opportunities for serving your vibrant and eclectic community.

A meaningful moment for self-reflection, the Strategic Visioning Project will not only look to CalArts history and legacy but will also delve into where you stand today and where you are headed. We at LaPlaca Cohen have worked with your leadership team at CalArts to design a process that will reflect the spirit of inclusion, authenticity, experimentation, and innovation that has been so central to CalArts. As such, your entire community will be engaged around the Strategic Visioning efforts to ensure that the Institute’s future vision is truly shaped by those who live and breathe CalArts day in and day out. Students, staff, faculty, trustees, alumnx, and parents will all share in this exciting moment, helping to shape your bright and thriving future. 

During this process our goal is to holistically pursue the following objectives:

  • Assess the current and future state of CalArts’ identity and impact
  • Describe CalArts’ position as a radical thought leader
  • Identify CalArts’ greatest opportunities for serving its vibrant and eclectic community
  • Reimagine an enduring vision for CalArts that is both audacious and sustainable
  • Engage CalArts’ calling as an institute that incubates every aspect of artistic life