Emotional Support Animal

The Residential Life Office works closely with CalArts Disability Services Office (DSO) to ensure compliance with federal and state laws to help create a harmonious living experience for all residents.Students with documented disabilities may bring emotional support animals (ESAs) into campus housing.

Emotional Support Animal Accommodation Registration Process

CalArts Residential Life Office will not collect any medical or disability information from students. Please do not email or submit any medical or disability documentation to Residence life. Email is not secure.

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  1. ESA Accommodation Approval: All personal medical information should be submitted through Accommodate for Disability Services Office (DSO) approval. Once DSO has approved the need for ESA accommodations, they will inform the Residential Life Office, and approved individuals will be contacted by Housing for the next steps outlined below.

  2. ESA Agreement: If the ESA special accommodation is approved, the resident will receive an email from either the Associate Director of Residential Life or the Residential Life Coordinator. A meeting will be scheduled to review the ESA agreement with the Associate Director of Residential Life or the Residential Life Coordinator.

  3. ESA Roommate Agreement: If the resident lives in a unit with roommates, the Residential Life Coordinator or assigned RA will set up a meeting with the resident and any roommates to review the ESA Roommate Agreement with the full group so everyone understands the expectations and guidelines for maintaining an ESA on campus.

ESA Required Documentation

Once the resident has signed the ESA Agreement, the Residential Life Office will contact the resident to collect relevant information about the animal. Residents will be sent a copy of the Housing ESA Registration Form to submit the required information outlined below. Documentation that will need to be collected includes:

  • A photograph of the ESA
  • Proof that the ESA has all required vaccinations, including, but not limited to distemper and rabies
  • Proof of a current applicable licensure with the City of Los Angeles (for dogs only)
  • Proof of a spay/neuter certificate consistent with the City of Los Angeles ordinance (for dogs only)
  • Proof of current flea treatment plan

Residents may not maintain any pets.  Pets are strictly prohibited.  If Resident is found with a pet or pets, Resident will be assessed a fine. Resident will be given fourteen (14) calendar days from the date that notice of violation of the Pets section of their License Contract or Lease is violated to remove the pet(s) from the Premises.  If Resident fails to remove the pet(s) within the fourteen (14) day period, their License Contract or Lease will be subject to revocation or termination and Resident and pet(s) will be removed from the Premises within five (5) calendar days of notice of failure to remove pet(s). 

Please be aware that the CalArts Housing Pet Policy does not include emotional support animals or service animals.  These animals go through a different approval process through our CalArts Disability Services Office (DSO).