Center for Life and Work Travel Grant

***Due to travel warnings and restrictions put in place by the U.S., other countries, and at CalArts, due to COVID-19, the Office of Student Experience and the Patty Disney Center for Life & Work have decided to pause on awarding funds for any student travel through November 1st, 2021. Please check back after that date for updates. ***

Current students may apply for a Center for Life & Work Travel Grant to fund travel expenses incurred during creative or academic pursuits and projects, or to support the success of the student’s experience in their program. Travel funds can include airfare, transportation, lodging, and any entrance or registration fees. Travel can occur any time throughout the year and grants will be distributed through reimbursement, based on the amount approved through the application. Awards range between $100 - $300.

Application Process

Students can apply for funding to support travel before or after the actual dates of travel. All travel must take place in the current academic year. Applications will be reviewed the week following the submission date and applicants will receive notice of funding by the following Friday. Students have until the end of that month to produce receipts for reimbursement of the approved project.

The Center for Life & Work can: 

  1. Approve both the travel and the requested budget. Travel Grant will be ‘Approved.’ 
  2. Approve, but reduce the budget. Travel Grant will be ‘Approved with partial funding.’ 
  3. Not approve the Travel Grant. Project will be ‘Not approved.’

Required Forms

The application for a Center for Life & Work Travel Grant consists of two forms, which are located on the Hub: 


To be eligible to apply, applicants must be current graduate or undergraduate students enrolled in a program at CalArts.

Eligible individuals may apply for ONE travel grant in any given year.

Students are not eligible to receive the The Center for Life and Work Travel Grant if any of the following conditions are true:  

  • They are on a leave of absence at the time of applying or at the time of travel. 
  • They are not in good academic standing. 
  • They are not in good conduct standing with the Institute.

Important Information

Application for a grant does not automatically result in an award.

The amount of an award may be less than the amount requested, depending on receipts of actual costs and if the Student Experience team decides to award less than the requested amount based on fund availability.

Students must apply for the Travel Grant within 60 days of having traveled. (Example, if a student travels to a film festival in August, they have until two months after the travel date to apply for the Travel Grant).