How to Report

CalArts recognizes that deciding whether or not to make a report and choosing how to proceed can be a difficult decision. The Institute encourages any individual who has questions or concerns to seek the support of campus and community resources. These resources can provide guidance in making decisions, information about available resources and procedural options, and assistance to either party in the event that a report and/or resolution under this policy is pursued.

Individuals are encouraged to use all available resources, regardless of when or where the incident occurred.


Confidential Reporting

CalArts encourages all community members to make a prompt report of any alleged incident of discrimination, harassment, and/or sexual misconduct. For individuals who are not prepared to make a report but are still seeking information and support, there are several statutorily protected confidential resources available, as designated below. You may speak with one of these members or fill out our anonymous report online.
The following confidential resources will not share information with the Institute without the individual’s consent:

On-Campus Confidential Resources

  • Student Health Services
    Room D208
    (661) 253-7830

    Counselors, F201H
    Melissa Shepherd-Williams, MFT
    Lily Rodriguez, LMFT
  • Confidential Student Advocate, F201H
    Elizabeth Peisner, Interim Executive Director, Health and Wellness, 24/7 at (661) 713-5325

Off-Campus Confidential Resources

*CalArts is partnering with the Rape Treatment Center to provide free, expert treatment and 24-hour emergency medical care (including evidence collection, legal assistance, and professional counseling services). Free transportation will be provided to anyone in need of assistance.

Need After Hours Counseling? 
Monday-Friday 5 pm-9 am
Weekends and Holidays: 24 hours starting at 5 pm on Fridays
(855) 364-7981

Title IX Team Members

In addition to the confidential resources listed above, CalArts community member have access to a variety of resources provided by the institute. These trained members of the Title IX team seek to encourage students to report all sexual misconduct. While not bound by confidentiality, these resources are marked with a high level of privacy within the limited circle of those involved in the Title IX resolution process. These team members can also provide information about resources for assistance and about options for addressing concerns, including formal and informal complaints.

Dionne Simmons
Title IX Coordinator and Director, Community Rights and Responsibilities
Chouinard 113 / (661) 291-3019