Equity and Diversity Committee

The Equity and Diversity Committee was created to foster an open dialogue among CalArts students, faculty and staff and to address issues relating to equity and diversity on our campus and beyond.

Should you have an issue that you would like raised in the meetings, please contact the Office of the Provost at 661-255-1050 x2124, or any of the members of the committee listed below.

Equity and Diversity Committee Members

Steve Anker
Faculty, School of Film/Video

Tisa Bryant 
Faculty, School of Critical Studies

Sofia Canales

Marina Chatterton
Personal Counselor, Office of Student Affairs

Beatriz Cortez
Alumna; Interim Alumni Co-Director of Equity & Diversity

Jackeline Cosse
Intern, Student Affairs

Sam Durant (Academic Council liaison)

Faculty, School of Art

Anessa Escobar
International Student & Programs Advisor

Andrea Fontenot
Director, Writing Center; Faculty, School of Critical Studies

Charles Gaines
Faculty, School of Art

Gloria Galvez

Vinny Golia
Faculty, School of Music

Patricia Gonzalez
Assistant Vice President for Board Relations & Special Projects; Interim Co-Director of Equity & Diversity

Kyle Johanson

Douglas Kearney
Interim Faculty Co-Director of Equity & Diversity; Faculty, School of Critical Studies

Chandra Khan
Faculty, School of Critical Studies

Eliane Lima

Aubree Lynn

Andres Machin

David Roitstein
Faculty, School of Music

Nicolas Rougely
Associate Dean, Student Affairs; Director, Campus Life

Melissa Shepherd-Williams
Personal Counselor, Office of Student Affairs

Andre Tyson
Assistant Dean & Faculty, Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance

Roberta Uno
Director, Arts in a Changing America