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Bijou Theater Non-Class Use


Room A212

Non-Class Use

Managed by the Library, the Bijou Theater seats 120.

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni may request to schedule the Bijou for screening.  All non-class uses are approved on a case by case basis and require advance payment.  Students must have a Faculty member sponsor the screening.

All materials projected in the Bijou are shown at the owners’ discretion.  Damage to any of the materials, however unlikely, cannot be compensated.

Individuals who schedule screenings that are not in-class face to face teaching take full responsibility for acquiring the appropriate
permissions from the copyright holder.  Admission fees or donations
cannot be charged. 

For more information, please see the Library Moving Image Copyright Policy.

Use Fees

Notify Film Services Manager one week in advance if a class / event is canceled, or scheduled use will be billed.

Use Fees paid prior to use.
Regular hours
- $15.00 per hour
After Hours -
$25.00 per hour


After the last scheduled class and weekends
Monday-Thursday   after 7pm or 10pm 
Friday                     after 7pm
Saturday                 all hours
Sunday                   prior to 7pm & after 10pm

Bijou Festival Week
Monday-Thursday   after all class screenings, usually after 12 midnight

Monday-Thursday   all hours

To Schedule

1.  Reservation confirmation depends on the Bijou availability, projectionist availability, approval, and payment.

2.  Contact the Film Services Manager and submit a Bijou Theater Reservation Form at least two weeks in advance.

3.  Fill out an Event Checklist, have Film Services Manager sign it and submit it to the Mailroom.

4.  Take the approved Bijou Theater Reservation Form to the Cashier’s window. 
Checks may be paid to California Institute of the Arts.
Cashier’s hours:      Monday-Friday       9am-12 noon & 1- 4pm

5.  Return the cashier’s receipt to Film Services Manager to confirm your reservation.

Projection Capability

Digital cinema, DCP
35mm &16mm film
All Region Blu-ray, DVD & VHS
Quicktime files
Computer presentation capability
Betacam / Betacam SP/SX/IMX / Digital Betacam
Mini-DV & DVCAM (NTSC and PAL)

For further assistance, contact:

Amy Basen

Film Services Manager 



Karen Baxter

Visual Arts Librarian




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