Course Modalities

Fall 2020 Course Modalities

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives in profound ways, including the ways in which we are able to gather as a learning community. CalArts considers the safety of its students, faculty, and staff an absolute priority; we are committed to following approaches based on sound science and guidelines from national and local health authorities.

As a result, classes for Fall 2020 will be offered in multiple modalities, with both on campus and fully remote offerings. By limited on-campus instruction to curriculum that can only be provided effectively in-person, we can manage schedules and space for our students, faculty, and staff to access studios, shops, labs, and equipment while maintaining safe physical distancing. On-campus classes offered may adopt innovative approaches to ensure that we follow guidelines for physical distancing. Different remote modalities will combine asynchronous and synchronous opportunities for engaging with course content, your faculty, and your fellow students. As you are building your schedule for the fall, please learn about the spectrum of available modalities. Not every class will be available in more than one modality, but be aware of the options and of how to identify them at registration time.

CalArts’ Fall 2020 Course Modalities