Remote Reviews Guide

Getting started with remote reviews

Scheduling and calendar invitations

  • Jill will send Google calendar invitations for reviews, containing a link to a Zoom call.
  • You can also join the Zoom meeting by opening the event in your Google calendar and clicking Join Zoom Meeting.

Sharing review materials

  • If your work is on Vimeo, Youtube, Google Drive, etc., please email a link to your committee members before your review.
  • If your work is not able to be shared digitally, please contact your mentor for alternative options.
  • Instead of being due 2 weeks before your review, you can turn in MFA Thesis Packets before production begins.

General best practices for Zoom

  • Keep your microphone on Mute unless you’re speaking; this prevents microphone feedback/background noise.
  • If you need to share your screen with everyone else on the call, click the green Share Screen button at the bottom of the window. Only one person can share at a time, so be sure to click the red Stop Share button when you’re done sharing.

Review report / notes

  • Since our notetakers do not have Zoom access, we will need mentors to take notes during Zoom reviews.
  • It is recommended to save your notes in a Word or Pages document, and then copy the notes into the student’s profile in the Hub.
  • If the mentor would like to record the review for notetaking purposes, the mentor should state at the beginning of the recording that they are recording this review for notetaking/records purposes. If everyone else on the call gives verbal consent, the recording can continue.

For graduating students

  • For Spring 2020, in consideration of the COVID-19 crisis, graduating will not prohibit students from being considered for FV facility access when the campus can re-open. Note that at this point, deferred access is not guaranteed for any students, though Film/Video is actively working toward this goal.