Archived Updates for Summer and Winter 2020

Graduation Requirements 2020

Graduation Reviews: As of March 11, 2020, remaining Spring 2020 Graduation Reviews in all programs will be held remotely. See program-specific guidelines for graduation below. 

The School of Film/Video intends to find ways to enable graduating students affected by the COVID-19 campus closure to finish and exhibit their thesis projects. Details of exhibitions, facility access and equipment access will be planned and discussed with the students over the coming months. While these plans may not be precise substitutes for the access they would have received typically, the School of Film/Video will do its best to support the completion of all thesis projects.

Exhibition: The School of Film/Video is committed to finding a way to enable all Spring 2020 graduates affected by the COVID-19 campus closure to have an exhibition of their thesis work, either on campus or at some other location, once it is safe to do so. This includes screenings, installations, and performances. 

Technical Facilities: The School of Film/Video is committed to finding a way to support Spring 2020 graduates who need access to its facilities to finish thesis projects they were unable to complete during this time of closure. These facilities may include production studios, computer labs, installation spaces, post-production facilities, videographics, etc. Most likely, these projects would have to be completed during the summer and early fall, before the needs of students enrolled in Fall 2020 begin accelerating. 

Equipment Access: The School of Film/Video aims to provide access to equipment for Spring 2020 graduates’ thesis projects, as health and safety guidelines permit. This includes loaning computers and technical accessories; cage equipment check-out; and production support services. If we don’t have sufficient equipment to meet need, the dean and program directors will prioritize thesis projects based on their relationship to curricular requirements and their dependency on the School’s equipment. 

The Program in Film and Video

MFA: The thesis project is usually required to be exhibition-ready, including mixed sound, color correction and/or answer print. For Spring 2020 graduates, faculty will waive these technical requirements. 

BFA: Graduation requirements do not change, as a thesis project is not required for degree completion.

Film Directing Program

The MFA thesis project is usually required to be exhibition-ready including picture lock, mixed sound and titles. For Spring 2020 graduates, faculty will waive these technical requirements.  

Experimental Animation Program

BFA & MFA: Students will be recommended for graduation if their body of work is substantial and completion of the thesis project is imminent.

Character Animation

No adjustments needed for Spring 2020. Graduation reviews are complete. Character Animation hopes to offer some opportunities for sound mixes in Fall 2020 to students who were unable to mix their films in Spring 2020.

Remote Reviews Guide

Getting started with remote reviews

Scheduling and calendar invitations

  • Jill will send Google calendar invitations for reviews, containing a link to a Zoom call.
  • You can also join the Zoom meeting by opening the event in your Google calendar and clicking Join Zoom Meeting.

Sharing review materials

  • If your work is on Vimeo, Youtube, Google Drive, etc., please email a link to your committee members before your review.
  • If your work is not able to be shared digitally, please contact your mentor for alternative options.
  • Instead of being due 2 weeks before your review, you can turn in MFA Thesis Packets before production begins.

General best practices for Zoom

  • Keep your microphone on Mute unless you’re speaking; this prevents microphone feedback/background noise.
  • If you need to share your screen with everyone else on the call, click the green Share Screen button at the bottom of the window. Only one person can share at a time, so be sure to click the red Stop Share button when you’re done sharing.

Review report / notes

  • Since our notetakers do not have Zoom access, we will need mentors to take notes during Zoom reviews.
  • It is recommended to save your notes in a Word or Pages document, and then copy the notes into the student’s profile in the Hub.
  • If the mentor would like to record the review for notetaking purposes, the mentor should state at the beginning of the recording that they are recording this review for notetaking/records purposes. If everyone else on the call gives verbal consent, the recording can continue.

For graduating students

  • For Spring 2020, in consideration of the COVID-19 crisis, graduating will not prohibit students from being considered for FV facility access when the campus can re-open. Note that at this point, deferred access is not guaranteed for any students, though Film/Video is actively working toward this goal.