Graduation Requirements 2020

For spring 2020 the faculty waive the expectation that a final project be presented in a physical space, or before a committee of faculty. Instead, students will present documentation of current and past work, along with a written statement of intent. Students will work with their mentors and program faculty to discuss the best format for this documentation, given the nature of the work, and the student’s access to specific tools. A graduation review will be scheduled through Zoom, to include at least two faculty members, and a written report will be drawn up and circulated through Hub Helper, to be approved by mentor and dean. Scheduling of these reviews will begin the week of April 13, and continue through the end of the semester.

To ensure that we are able to complete all graduation reviews in time, the responsibility of conducting mid-res reviews will fall directly to program faculty, who will forward reports to the Review Coordinator so that they can be uploaded to the Hub Helper page for approvals.

The School is committed to finding some way to enable all graduating students affected by this to have an exhibition of their work, either on campus or at some other location, once it is safe to do so. Details on this will be planned and discussed, with the students, over the coming months.