Student Worker Information

So that students’ employment opportunities are not adversely impacted by the recent decision to suspend classes, student employees can be reassigned to work that differs from their normal assignment. 

  • Student employees must be on call during their regularly scheduled hours and be available to do work remotely in order to be paid. 
  • Students should expect assignments that may differ from their regular work assignments. 
  • Some students who will be required for this duration (i.e. RAs) may be asked to report to campus. 
  • Student employees are responsible for entering their hours and will be paid accordingly for their regularly scheduled hours. Students are responsible for entering their hours worked into HubTime by 9 am on the Monday following the end of the pay period.
  • Again, we strongly encourage students to record their hours by the close of business on the Friday before the end of the pay period.

Should students have any questions about work, please contact your supervisor.