Residential Students

Under increasing orders from city, county, and state officials, CalArts is asking that students currently residing in dorms work with the Office of Student Experience to move out of their rooms by Friday, April 3 (see a list of moving companies, below). If students are unable to move because of a situation that impacts their ability to leave, please fill out the Extenuating Circumstances form by Monday, March 30. Each request will be individually assessed and addressed.

If students have already left CalArts and their dorms, and are not able to physically come back to campus to retrieve their things, we are sharing reasonably priced packing/storing/moving resources below. These movers are able to pack up and store items if a student is not able to return to campus. Students should make arrangements with the Office of Student Experience to arrange moving times in order to help with social distancing.

CalArts understands this is a difficult time for students; however, we are taking these steps to stop the spread of COVID-19—and to save lives.

Student Resources

  • Extenuating Circumstances Form: Residents who are unable to take their belongings and leave campus because of a travel ban or other extreme extenuation issue.  
  • Emergency Funds Form: Students can apply for these funds that are intended to provide relief for urgent travel needs, food insecurity, and other extreme situations stemming from the COVID-19 disruption. 
  • Room & Board Refund: Returning students may receive a credit on room and board that can be applied to the Fall 2020 tuition, room, and board bill. If you are graduating or not returning to CalArts you may be eligible for a refund after your account is settled.

Santa Clarita Companies

Campus Services Available for Students Remaining in Residence Halls

Campus Access

To access campus residents will need to have their IDs visible when they are coming onto campus through the front gate, while they are using common spaces in the residence halls and when they are accessing approved spaces in the main building: Campus Safety Office, Mailroom and the Cafe. To schedule an appointment to get critical items from the main building, you can contact Campus Safety to make arrangements and schedule individual visits at 661-222-2702. Access to the main academic building will only be through the Campus Safety loading dock entrance.

IDs Visible

Remaining residents will need to display their IDs in a lanyard ID holder that will be provided to them through their campus mailbox before or by 12 pm Monday, March 16. Residents will be required to display their IDs in the provided lanyard ID holder as soon as possible until further notice. Residents who don't display their IDs in the lanyard ID holder after 12 pm on Monday, March 16 may not be able to access approved spaces on campus. 

  • Residence Life Office: Open normal hours until further notice.
  • Residence Assistants: If you are needing assistance from your RA and they are unavailable please contact the Residence Life Office or Campus Safety
  • Cafe & Tatum:  Cafe is open normal hours until further notice. Tatum is closed. CalArts students who live off-campus and have purchased a CalArts meal-plan will not be permitted to come on-campus for meals. We have made alternative arrangements for them, check email for further information. 
  • Campus Safety: Open until further notice.
  • Mailroom: Open until further notice.
  • Student Health Center: Will remain open to students who live on campus for CalArts services only. For questions, please call Sandra at 661-253-7830. For Samuel Dixon (sexual health appointments), we encourage students to call their Canyon Country office to schedule their free appointment.
  • Counseling: Counseling sessions are still available to students by phone or by video chat. If you already have an appointment with a therapist, please email them to let them know your preference of keeping your session. If you would like to pause your sessions until you are able to come back to campus, please also let them know via email. Want to schedule an appointment or need a "walk-in" hour?  we will need you to call 661-253-7874 and leave your phone number so that a counselor can call you back. Walk in hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 12 and 12:30 pm and Tuesdays 11 and 11:30 am. You always will be able to access our 24/7 counseling line at 855-364-7981. 
  • Food Pantries: The pantry in Chouinard 243 will remain open as it has all year. The pantry in 212 will be open starting at 12 pm on March 12 and will remain open until further notice. 
  • Mom's Cafe: The kitchen will be closed starting on March 12 until further notice.