Using the Learn LMS

Learn is the name of CalArts' learning management system (LMS). With some exceptions, most of your courses for Fall 2020 should be visible on Learn starting on September 14, 2020, unless your instructor has specifically made their course available to you sooner. To log into your courses, go to and then click on your course on your My Courses dashboard.

Go to

If you are enrolled in a Directed Study, Ensemble, Independent Project, Independent Study, Internship, or Lesson, you may not see that offering on your My Courses dashboard as the instructor does not need to use Learn in order to meet with you. If you are registered in one of those course types, make sure you connect with your instructor over email so you can determine how you will meet over the semester.

Most faculty will be delivering their course using Learn in addition to Zoom for live sessions. Some faculty may be using other tools or platforms in addition to Learn. If they are using an external platform, you should see additional instructions or a link on their syllabus on Learn.

If you see an error on your course dashboard, or are experiencing issues logging in to Learn, please email for assistance.

Orientation to the Learn LMS