Getting Ready

In preparation for courses to begin remotely the week of March 23, we recommend that you read through and assess the below checklist for success in learning remotely:
  Reliable, internet-connected device Your internet-connected device could be a Windows or Mac computer, a tablet, or even your smartphone.
  Reliable and high speed internet (Several internet companies are offering free internet during the next two months such as Comcast or Spectrum, if you don’t already have high speed internet.)
    Webcam and microphone Most modern laptops, tablets, smartphones come with a webcam and microphone or the equivalent already built-in. It’s recommended to use a set of earbuds, such as ones that might come with your smartphone, for optimal audio.
  Communicating with your instructor It’s important to know how your instructor will be leading their class; you should also know how to get in touch with them. If you don’t know, ask!
  Check your CalArts email account regularly You will be receiving invitations to join your online courses as well as announcements related to your courses through email.
  Working through challenges Learning online will expose you to some new and not always comfortable ways of experiencing learning. The ability and willingness to be flexible, adaptable, and open to things that are new are key to a good online experience.