The Writing Center

Help with continuity of instruction

The Writing Center will continue service uninterrupted by offering both one-on-one sessions via video and asynchronous written feedback on any submitted project. This personalized learning support can be an especially helpful resource at this time, giving students additional support and guidance as they navigate a new remote learning environment that requires them to complete tasks in more independent and self-directed ways. Tutors will receive additional training about how to support student learning during this time of transition. Faculty are invited and encouraged to incorporate writing tutoring into their adapted course plans for distance learning.

To coordinate class-specific support from the Writing Center, please email: Sarah Sophia Yanni, Graduate Faculty Fellow at

Learning support beyond grammar and proofreading

Our tutors are prepared to work with students on a wide range of assignments--including presentations and multimedia projects, academic essays, artists statements, and creative writing. Our writing tutors come from nearly every school at the Institute and can assist with a range of topics and forms. Students can meet with a tutor at any stage in the composition process; in fact we encourage students to meet with a tutor before they have begun writing, using the session to brainstorm, organize, and plan for completing the assignment. Writing tutors can:

  • Help students understand new assignments 
  • Ask students leading questions to deepen their critical thinking and engagement with course material
  • Help students synthesize and organize responses to various readings and course material
  • Help them improve their overall writing and grammar

Accessing the Writing Center

Students can find information about the Writing Center and book appointments through the following link: 

CalArts Writing Center

Sessions will require use of Google docs; Google Hangouts will also be used, provided the student has sufficient wifi.