Critical Studies

School of Critical Studies

Academic Requirements

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  • The School of Critical Studies is not participating in 2022 Course Advising Day.
  • Administrative Support:  Alecia Menzano and Ashley Turner will available to answer questions. They do not add students to classes but can answer general Critical Studies questions.

Faculty: Please feel free to email Critical Studies faculty directly with questions:

Bill Alschuler
Piers Armstrong
Amanda Beech
Adam Berg
Gidget Brogdon
Michael Bryant
Tisa Bryant
Gabrielle Civil
Andrew Culp
Arne DeBoever
Ken Ehrlich
Brian Evenson
Andrea Fontenot
Carribean Fragoza
Ernest Hardy
Shanjie Hu
Ryan Jeffery
Norman Klein
Anthony McCann
Carri Musser-Biggle
Claire Phillips
Andrea Quaid
Julia Rold
Daniel Sacilotto
Janet Sarbanes
Niki Schindler
Matias Viegener
Neal Wilson