Course Descriptions

CAP Student Instructor Eve La Fountain (on left) works with a CAP high school student in the CAP Summer Arts (CAPSA) Photography Program.
CAP Student Instructor Eve La Fountain (on left) works with a CAP high school student in the CAP Summer Arts (CAPSA) Photography Program.

Acting for the Camera

Sensory awareness, movement, gesture and vocal work will be explored towards the goals of creating compelling characters on screen, including films, TV shows or web series.

Acting for the Stage

Featuring instruction in voice, improvisation and movement, as well as awareness and skill-building exercises, this class helps students develop their skills in acting for the stage, including the performance of monologues from plays, poems and original written pieces.


This class explores a wide array of character-based and experimental animation techniques, including cutout, stop motion, object, paint-on-glass, sand and light animation, as well as animated GIFs.


This class provides hands-on instruction on how to create the unique visual language of film through lighting, color and digital effects.

Creative Writing

Through independent writing assignments, class discussions, and small and large group critiques, participants sharpen their skills in fiction, poetry and non-fiction writing.


Featuring instruction in tango, salsa, hip hop dance, ballet, yoga, Pilates, and the Lester Horton technique, as well as contemporary modern dance improvisations, this course culminates in a live performance.


This course immerses students in the art of making and directing their own films with a production crew using high-definition digital video cameras.

Film Crew

Students in this seminar will explore the technical aspects of filmmaking, including camerawork, sound and lighting techniques, shot grammar and editing with Final Cut Pro, and rotate as film crew members on various student films.


This class offers practical playing experience in solo performance and music ensembles as participants play new and challenging music from across the globe, including Africa, South Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.


For storytellers, this class focuses on creating cinematic narratives that come alive on the screen through character, dialogue and plot development.

Set Design

Designed for students who want to work on television shows and movies, as well as in the theater, this seminar focuses on sourcing objects, fabrics and other materials for film and stage production.

Visual Art

A course on using wet and dry mediums in which students will explore their interests utilizing as inspiration contemporary practices that employ non-conventional, multi-disciplinary approaches to creating art.

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