CARE Form/How To Report

The CARE form can be used to report your concerns about a student who may be struggling with social, emotional, behavioral, academic, medical, mental health, or physical endangerment issues. The report goes to the Chair of the CARE Team who works with the rest of the team to intervene and provide resources for the student. 

Faculty and staff may also use the form to request a consultation with the CARE team to determine how to address a problem with a student. Additionally, the form can also be used as a means to follow up on your initial report.


Immediate Intervention and Care

Immediate intervention and care may be necessary for students whose behavior in or out of the classroom is overly disruptive to themselves or the CalArts community. Any student who appears to be a threat to self or others may need additional treatment. 

In emergency situations when you observe a student engaged in acts of violence to themselves or others, please call Campus Safety at 661-222-2702 (ext. 2222 from a campus phone).

You are also welcome to walk to the student down to the Wellness Center (F201H) to meet with a counselor or a member of the CARE team during office hours. If you bring a student to the Wellness Center, please stay to discuss the situation with the counselor or CARE team member. After hours, you may contact Campus Safety and request the on-call staff member or call our after hours counseling line at 855-364-7981.