CAP Citizen Artist AmeriCorps Scholars Programs

(450 Hours Quarter Time AmeriCorps Position)

Program Description

The CAP Citizen Artist AmeriCorps (CAA) Scholars Program aims to foster a commitment to civic change through the arts by deeply immersing current CalArts students in surrounding communities. CAA Scholars will use their experiences and knowledge in the arts to not only provide quality arts education to youth, but to also provide youth with college and career mentorship. CAA Scholars will teach in one of two CAP Summer Arts programs for youth in Los Angeles County. Through their teaching service, they will develop meaningful relationships with parents, students and leaders of community centers and public schools, and gain extensive experience in community engagement, teaching and mentoring, which will prepare them for careers in arts education and civic engagement.

Scholars are selected through a competitive process based on their application and a demonstrated interest in arts education and community engagement. The ideal applicant is interested in:

1. Exploring a career as a community-based teaching artist.

2. Developing a research or artistic practice in community arts.

3. Building a community amongst CalArts students in various métiers.

The aim of the CAP Citizen Artist AmeriCorps Scholars Program is to provide current CalArts students with the tools to teach specific métiers to underserved high school students in Los Angeles County.

CAP Citizen Artist AmeriCorps Scholars are selected through a competitive process based on a submitted application, work samples, letters of recommendation, and/or demonstrated interest in pedagogy and assessment. Scholars will participate in additional training in order to learn more about pedagogy, educational trends, community practice and educational equity.

Scholars will:

  • Develop the foundation upon which they can build careers as teaching artists and community leaders
  • Recruit youth participants for CAP Programs
  • Lead their own in person classes at CAP's community-based partner sites
  • Develop online educational content for CAP classes in collaboration with their teaching groups and Lead Fellows
  • Prepare participants for college and careers through structured mentorship in auditioning, creating portfolios and submitting artwork to contests and festivals
  • Reflect upon and document their teaching experience by maintaining an online teaching journal
  • Help plan and coordinate mid-year and end-of-year culmination events
  • Help plan and collaborate with community partners to host monthly family engagement workshops

Scholars will receive:

  • Instructional coaching, feedback and support from Lead Fellows and CAP staff
  • Experience in exceptional community based educational programming and partnerships
  • Opportunities to build on student accomplishments in curriculum design
  • Culturally responsive curricula
  • Benefits to crafting a future career—life post-Scholars Program
  • Opportunities to share insights with other Scholars
  • Networking opportunities with leaders at community centers and schools
  • Coaching in developing a Professional Development Plan that includes skills and values assessments, and action steps for fulfilling future career goals for themselves and high school students
  • An online teaching journal that documents accomplishments and that can be used for future job applications

This opportunity is open to any current CalArts undergraduate or graduate student, including anyone who will be graduating in the Spring of 2018. While the Scholars Program can be repeated, applicants must apply for the CAP Citizen Artist AmeriCorps Scholars Program on an annual basis.

This program is administered by CaliforniaVolunteers and sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service.


The 2018 application for the CAP Citizen Artist AmeriCorps Scholar for CAP's Summer Arts Programs is now open. Please click the link to apply.

Scholar Application

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