CalArts Student Instructor (CSI) Positions

The CalArts Community Arts Partnership (CAP) is committed to providing free arts education programs for youth ages 6-18 in every discipline taught at CalArts. These programs are offered at public schools, community centers and social service agencies, all spanning a thousand square mile radius across Los Angeles County. With classes led by a teaching corps of accomplished CalArts faculty, alumni and student teachers, CAP students learn to create original works of art and to experiment with prevailing conventions of artistic expression.

CalArts Student Instructors (CSIs) are the driving force behind CAP's mission of keeping the arts accessible to underserved youth in Los Angeles County. They help provide individualized instruction and mentoring to CAP participants, students varying from elementary to high school age. CSIs learn to apply educational theory and develop meaningful connections between their artistic practice, their academic interests, and the community, preparing for a smooth transition from student-artist to teaching-artist. Through teaching at CAP, CSIs gain experience leading a classroom, a deeper understanding of their artform, as well as access to the support, structure, and training necessary for a career in the educational field. They practice arts teaching skills, learn to connect and work with different students and communities, and professionalize as both educators and artists.

Watch past CSIs discuss their experiences teaching with CAP

Beginning (CSI I)

This one or two semester position, designed to introduce student instructors to the basics of teaching through hands-on experience, is completed at either fall or spring semester at one of CAP’s partner sites, a community center or public school. CSIs at this level will assist the lead instructors, CalArts alumni with 3+ years of teaching experience, with employing learner-centered teaching strategies and project-based learning in CAP classrooms. CSIs at this level will actively participate in class, reflect on their practice, exhibit teamwork, and demonstrate a willingness to share responsibilities. While observing teaching and learning activities, they will have the opportunity to reflect on the relationship between educational theory and pedagogical practice in the CAP Introductory Gateway Program.

Intermediate: (CSI Level II)

Primarily for students in their second year teaching with CAP who have the experience, background and proven ability for assuming more responsibilities in the classroom and who may have taken pedagogy courses at CalArts, this position provides student instructors with opportunities to work more closely with individuals or groups of students. CSIs at this level are responsible for leading their own groups, or lessons, at least 3 times per semester. They will prepare lesson plans, unit plans, and/or activities for presentation to the class, as well as participate in ongoing workshops offered by CAP.

To apply for a CSI position with CAP, please find the application form here.