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Students should familiarize themselves with all Theater School policies, including the Theater School Handbook and Guidelines, located on the Student Resources Page.

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First Semester Course Selection

Students may be pre-enrolled in some of their required metier classes. Critical Studies courses and additional elective classes may be added either online, or for classes that require instructor consent, may be added through conversation with the faculty on Course Advising Day. 

Participation in Course Advising Day is mandatory. Incoming students will meet with their mentors on Course Advising Day to select and finalize their first semester schedules. This time also allows you to meet with faculty across the Institute, discuss and finalize your class schedule, and ensure that you are meeting your program requirements. 

All students are strongly encouraged to consult with your mentor before adding or dropping any class or making commitments, curricular or extracurricular, which may affect their training.


All incoming students are assigned mentors in advance of Course Advising Day. Mentors are assigned in consultation with Theater School Program Heads, Program Directors, and Deans. Generally, the mentor is also one of the student’s métier instructors.

The mentor is a student’s academic and artistic advisor designed to facilitate student concerns. Students are responsible for meeting with their mentor throughout the school year. This communication serves as a basis for the student and the mentor to work creatively toward making the student’s progress as challenging and successful as possible.