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Equipment Cage

The Equipment Cage, room E204 located near the FV Office, contains all the portable production equipment available in the School of Film/Video. It is run by the Equipment Cage Supervisor, Equipment Coordinator, and student assistants. Equipment is available for student use during the academic year, including winter and spring breaks. Access to most equipment is granted through production classes.

Experimental Animation Program 

All first-year students in the Experimental Animation Program are pre-enrolled in required metier courses. This may be enough of a full-time course load for first semester students, but students may add additional electives online or on Course Advising Day. Degree requirements are listed in the course catalog

Students should expect to receive a mentor assignment early in the summer. Initial mentor assignments are typically determined during the admission process when faculty identify students they’d like to work with. However, students can request to change their mentor.

Experimental Animation students will gain access to the single plane and multi plane down shooters, the A109 and F105 computer labs at the beginning of the semester. Access to motion capture and stop motion stages are granted after taking the requisite courses.

Film Directing Program

All of the first semester courses in the Film Directing Program are pre-determined and listed in the course catalog. Students are guaranteed seats in these courses, and will either sign up for them on Course Advising Day or have them added to their schedules by the Registrar’s Office.

Students will be assigned a mentor before the Fall semester begins. The Program Director will determine assignments based on student responses to a questionnaire that is emailed in mid-summer.  The questions are designed to assess the student's artistic goals and aesthetic influences in order to match them with a mentor best suited to challenge and nurture those goals during the student's three year residency.

Character Animation Program

Welcome! We’re looking forward to seeing you soon! 

Character Animation has two types of courses: required courses and optional courses. 

Required courses: usually pre-enrolled for all Character Animation students at the end of August or sooner. This year, the process might change. If so, we will communicate with incoming students directly, so please be sure to check your email regularly.

Optional courses (electives): usually enroll on Course Advising Day on a first-come, first-served basis. This year, we hope that all electives will enroll online when signup begins August 11, 2020. But, this is still to be determined. Information and updates will also be shared via email.

After the start of the semester, students will have access to A108, A109 and A221N computer labs with Wacom Cintiqs, high-speed flatbed scanners, laser printers, software including Adobe Suite, Autodesk Maya, ProTools, Cinema 4D, ToonBoom Harmony and Storyboard Pro, and Sound Effects Library.

Mentors are assigned at the end of August. Once finalized, you will be able to see your mentor assignment by logging into the WebAdvisor for Students section of the Hub.

Film and Video Program

All required courses are listed by year in the course catalog. Some required courses are pre-enrolled by the Registrar’s Office, some are available for online signup, and others enroll through instructor consent during Course Advising Day. Participation in Course Advising Day is mandatory for all PVF students.  

Mentors are assigned over the summer based on shared creative interests. Students will meet their mentors at orientation and will have an opportunity to talk through course selection and the signup process.

New students who go through their 1st year in the School of Film/Video will have access to the E105 and E60 computer labs. Access is granted to most individual post-production edit suites after the first semester of a digital editing course. Access to 16mm facilities are granted after taking the requisite courses.