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Theater Application Requirements

Prospective students must complete the admissions application requirements and the program audition or portfolio requirements to be considered for admission.  

Artist Statement

An artist statement is very important in the admissions process and should answer the following three questions:

  • What issues and concerns inform your artmaking practice?
  • Why are you applying to your program at CalArts?
  • What are your artistic goals?

Audition and Interview Guidelines

It is the responsibility of applicants to schedule an audition or interview. Applicants for the Acting Program are required to complete a live audition.  Applicants for the BFA Design & Production program must complete an in-person or telephone interview.  MFA Design & Production candidates will be contacted if an interview is requested.

Portfolio Guidelines

Prospective students applying to the Directing program (MFA only), Management Programs and Programs in Design and Production are asked to submit portfolios prior to interview. Once the portfolio is reviewed applicants may be contacted to schedule an interview appointment.

BFA applicants for the Programs in Design and Production will begin the first year in a general art foundation structure which will look at the whole of design while preparing the student to subsequently specialize in a chosen area of interest. The portfolio submissions should reflect your primary areas of interest and artistic strength. Students interested in the Stage Management Program should see the Stage Management Program portfolio instructions.

Prospective students applying to the Programs in Design and Production (scenic, costume, lighting, video, sound, and technical direction) must submit portfolio materials to our online portfolio site, and bring portfolio materials to an in-person interview. Students who are unable to attend an in-person interview may scheduled a phone or video interview.

Prospective students applying to the MFA Directing program should submit an online portfolio containing links to vimeo or youtube. Portfolios must be submitted to our online portfolio site.  Video links or portfolios will not be accepted via email.   

Prospective students applying to the Management programs must submit a physical portfolio through the mail. Please include a completed Portfolio Information Form with each mailed portfolio package. Address your portfolio to the Office of Admissions at CalArts using the Portfolio Mailing Label. Do not send your portfolio directly to the School of Theater. Doing so will cause a delay in the review of your work. See the individual programs for specific requirements.



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