Intellectual Property during Remote Instruction

At this time, we want to assure the faculty that all the work they have created for remote learning as a result of the COVID-19 situation will remain their own. The Institute is appreciative of your work, and it is not CalArts' intention to use any material you have created for your course outside of its intended purpose. CalArts also has no intention to continue the use of these materials without your consent. To the extent CalArts may decide to use portions of any of your work in other mediums (for example, using a clip of a lecture on CalArts' social media), in these cases the Institute will reach out to faculty members individually to ensure that their intellectual property rights are respected.

If you wish to further protect the materials you post online you might consider including language in your materials that states: "For use in CalArts Course ABCD-123 - Spring 2021 ONLY."

For students and faculty, all of CalArts’ original policies around copyright and ownership continue to apply in the remote context; a full description of these can be found on the link below. 

Institute Affairs: Policy on Ownership, Copyright and Sale of Objects of Art Created by Members of the Institute | CalArts Policies