Fully Remote

How it works

In a fully remote class, all teaching and learning takes place remotely. There are no requirements for students to come to campus. A fully remote class can be synchronous, asynchronous, or partially synchronous.

  • If the class meets at regularly scheduled times, it is synchronous.
  • If there are no regularly scheduled meetings at all, and students learn on their own schedule, the class is asynchronous.
  • A partially synchronous class has some regularly scheduled meeting times, but fewer meeting times than the class would have had if it were face-to-face. Students are expected to carry out some activities asynchronously, on their own schedule.

How it appears in the catalog

The course catalog will show one section for your course and it will be tagged Remote. If there is a required synchronous component then a date and timeframe may also be indicated. 

I’m teaching a fully remote course. What do I need to know?

Please review the Online Development Checklist for guidance.

Need help?

If you're planning to teach a fully remote course, we encourage you to sign up for the provided training course, Faculty Training for Teaching Online. You can also reach out to the instructional design team at learnhelp@calarts.edu so we can assist you with your course planning.